The Nissan NV200 - Your Work, Travel, and Camping Companion

In a world where adaptability is key, the Nissan NV200 camper takes the spotlight as a versatile and reliable companion. Whether you seek an efficient work van, dream of embarking on thrilling adventures, or yearn for unforgettable camping trips, the Nissan NV200 offers endless possibilities with its innovative foldable bed design. In this blog, we'll explore how the Nissan NV200's multifunctionality, combined with removable and foldable van furniture, unlocks a world of opportunities for work, travel, and camping enthusiasts.

Elevate Work Efficiency:

Beyond being a means of transportation, the Nissan NV200 excels as a mobile workspace for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Its cleverly designed interior provides ample space to store tools, equipment, and supplies, ensuring that you can tackle any work project with ease. Customise the van's interior with removable and foldable furniture to create a functional workspace tailored to your business needs.


For those with an insatiable wanderlust, the Nissan NV200 effortlessly transforms into a reliable travel companion. Be it a spontaneous weekend getaway or a cross-country expedition, the van's comfortable seating and clever storage solutions make long journeys a delightful experience. Maximise your travel experience with the BESO camper van bed, accommodating your gear and essentials without compromising on comfort.

Unleash the Camper Within:

The true magic of the Nissan NV200 lies in its ability to transform into a cozy campervan. With just a few adjustments and the inclusion of removable furniture, you can create a welcoming camping haven on wheels. As the sun sets, convert the van into a snug retreat with a comfortable sleeping area, a foldable table for meals, and storage cabinets for all your camping gear.

Adapt to Every Occasion:

Owning a NV200 Nissan means embracing adaptability in every aspect of life. Seamlessly switch between work, travel, and camping modes, and let the van be your ultimate companion for every occasion. From business needs to adventurous pursuits and nature getaways, this vehicle serves as a blank canvas that adapts effortlessly to your evolving lifestyle.

Where Practicality Meets Comfort:

The  ingenious design emphasises practicality without compromising on comfort. Utilise every inch of space effectively with foldable furniture, enhancing your camping experience without compromising essential functionalities. From cooking delicious meals to relaxing by the campfire, the van's interior can be tailored to complement your every need.

Why choose BESO Van Furniture?

At Beso Furniture, we craft multi-purpose, foldable furniture that can complement any Ford, Nissan, VW Caddy and other vehicles. With cleverly engineered mechanisms, these pieces effortlessly transform from compact forms to fully functional furniture, allowing you to maximise your space without compromising on comfort or quality. Shop our foldable van bed onlne! 

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what our customers have to say

The van bed is the perfect fit for our Nissan NV200. Freddie's craftsmanship and ingenuity in the design are incredible and the service was fantastic - he even checked in with us after it arrived and sent videos to help us set it up the first time in bed and couch modes. It shipped from the UK to the US and it arrived well before the estimated arrival date. Super happy to have the van bed for our adventures!

Chanel Duke - California
July 2, 2023

I have been looking for a removable well made piece of van furniture like this for ages. Perfect for surf trips.

Chris Hellawell - Sussex
June 29, 2023

Great quality product.

Adam Maple - Bristol
March 21, 2023