Camper Van Design Ideas: Incorporating Creative Sleeping Solutions

In our recent blog, we chatted through how you can design a multipurpose camper van Interior with foldable furniture, perfect for those looking to maximise their space on the road. This leads us to this blog, as we get into the best camper van design ideas that incorporate innovative sleeping solutions.  

It’s no secret that within the compact confines of a camper van, every inch of space is precious, and the design choices you make can greatly impact your comfort and enjoyment during your travels. At BESO Furniture, our craftsmen wanted to create a solution that meant our customers didn’t have to compromise the space in their van with bulky beds and furniture. This is where our foldable van bed comes into play, as it is an ideal sleeping solution for those seeking to venture out on the road but remain comfy!  

Space Efficiency with Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to camper van design, investing in multifunctional furniture is key to making the most of limited space. Consider incorporating foldable camper van beds that can double as seating during the day, or opt for custom-built storage benches with hidden compartments to stow away bedding and belongings.

Elevating Comfort with Premium Mattresses and Bedding

A good night's sleep is essential for enjoying your adventures to the fullest, we all know that a bad sleep can lead to a bad mood! So, investing in high-quality mattresses and bedding can make all the difference. Memory foam mattresses that provide superior comfort and support are a popular option amongst the campervan community. Breathable bedding materials also ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature regardless of the weather outside.

At BESO Furniture, we recommend this camper van mattress which pairs beautifully with our foldable product. Paired together, you can experience a comfortable sleeping solution that can be easily stored away when not in use.  

A Set-up for Every Need

No two camper van layouts are alike, and the best sleeping solution for your van will depend on your unique preferences. From fixed bed setups that provide permanent sleeping areas to convertible beds that offer versatility and space-saving benefits, there's a wide range of set-ups to choose from. Explore different layouts and designs to find the perfect sleeping solution for your camper van lifestyle.

Factors to Consider for Any Bed in Your Camper Van Design

  • Space availability and dimensions inside the van.
  • Comfort of the sleeping surface
  • Versatility in terms of converting from seating to sleeping space.
  • Storage options
  • Accessibility for getting in and out of bed.
  • Weight of the bed  
  • Ventilation around the sleeping area to prevent condensation
  • Aesthetics that complement the van's interior design
  • Cost of materials, construction, and any additional features

Looking for the Ultimate Sleep in Your Camper Van?

If you’re looking for the best bed ideas for camper vans to complement it's interior and suit your needs, BESO Furniture has the best products to suit your requirements. Our hand-crafted van beds offer the right sleeping set-ups when designing a multipurpose camper van interior. Shop our van beds online and get it delivered to your door.  

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what our customers have to say

The van bed is the perfect fit for our Nissan NV200. Freddie's craftsmanship and ingenuity in the design are incredible and the service was fantastic - he even checked in with us after it arrived and sent videos to help us set it up the first time in bed and couch modes. It shipped from the UK to the US and it arrived well before the estimated arrival date. Super happy to have the van bed for our adventures!

Chanel Duke - California
July 2, 2023

I have been looking for a removable well made piece of van furniture like this for ages. Perfect for surf trips.

Chris Hellawell - Sussex
June 29, 2023

Great quality product.

Adam Maple - Bristol
March 21, 2023